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Press Release
Local RN Funds (2) Two Habitat for Humanity Women Build Homes
Patti Smith, a new local philanthropist, achieves dream of becoming an angel investor.
Fort Collins, CO, October 1, 2020: Patti Smith recently celebrated her 1st Angel Investor/Philanthropy project. She celebrated with her family and the single Mothers’ whom the homes were for, as they all worked together building these homes, helping them to live a more abundant life while providing a new home and security for their children.
Having created her new mindset and business model around ‘Give More, Get More’ she created her financial abundance through the following enterprises: CCM (Energy Sustainability Education/Products); Healthcare From the Heart-Health Education Consulting with Colorado School Districts assisting them to create programs to introduce high school students to the healthcare professions and her new Kind Deed Community blog and product line.
Patti participated in the Go90Grow 2014 program and completed the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Program in Fall, 2015 accomplishing the equivalent of a Masters’ Degree in Personal/Business Mindset Development. When asked how she achieved her goal to become an Angel Investor/Philanthropist, Patti gave all the credit to the MKMMA program. She said this program propelled her to create a new reality in her mindset about how success was attainable, for everyone.
Patti has been supporting our community since her move to Fort Collins in 1975. She has always exhibited a heartfelt passion for supporting her family, her community (especially women and children) as well as her church community

She was thrilled to build alongside (2) two separate single Mothers’ as their new homes went up. Patti’s passion in support of Single Mothers’ and women of all ages is evident in her 10+ year involvement in the Zonta Club of Fort Collins. The Zonta Club of Fort Collins mission is #1 providing financial support to women ages 16-9 who go above and beyond giving to other girls in the community, college-aged women sophomore and up who can effect change for women and girls during their career journey and especially for single Mothers’ to help them complete their education. These financial awards support these women to self-sufficiency as well as sharing their heart passions and providing an opportunity for them to pay it forward. #2 this club also creates advocacy/education programs for their community sharing the need to decrease violence against women of all ages.
Patti manifested her new reality through diligence and daily practice of the MKMMA program skill sets. This new life changing blueprint and skill sets learned were the change agents needed for her to learn how to permanently cross the bridge from her past experiences to her newly created abundant reality. This ultimately was achieved by reprogramming her subconscious thought processes. A process all individuals who are willing to work hard at and who are ready for a change in life, should experience. The outcome is incredible, stated Patti.
The ‘Give More, Get More’ philosophy has always had a significant influence on her daily actions. She was initially introduced to this concept, which includes sharing kindness with all she meets and being of service to others, from her mother and maternal grandmother. They were both extremely kind women, stated Patti, each leaving their own legacies in their respective communities.
Patti was recently recognized as one of 40 courageous and influential women in her community by Mind+Body magazine. Patti was nominated by a friend/author, Sandra Walston, the Courage Expert, who had this to say about Patti: “Well, if the list above is not enough, Patti has unlimited energy and constantly comes from her heart, her innate courage to do what is right, to give, to leave a daily courage legacy. She has unbounded passion to enhance others’ lives and the courageous will to go above and beyond to make a difference. Patti loves education and especially supporting women of all ages. She donated her time to constantly stop and focus on benefiting others; many times forgetting about herself and all that she does for community, family, friends and colleagues. I know, I have been the benefactor many times. Patti also owned and operated a very successful Health Education Consulting business 17 years. Patti has been recognized with two awards from the State of Colorado Career and Technical Educators Association most recently the 2015 CTE Merit Award: Outstanding Service by a Member. She was also previously recognized by Front Range Community College/Larimer Campus and the FRCC system community as Teacher of the Year in late 1990’s and also during that time from the National HOSA organization with a National HOSA Advisor recognition award. If that’s not enough, Patti has mentored through the Zonta Club of Fort Collins several single Mothers and created wonderful relationships through the (ZEP) Zonta Empowerment Program. In the past year, Patti has been recognized as Zontian of the Year for the local Zonta Club of Fort Collins.”
When asked what she is most excited about she stated: “I am role modeling for my family successful business acumen in financial gain/leadership skills. My daily actions validate and demonstrate a life of significance-love of family/neighbors/others’, kindness, volunteering, time for creative expression, cooperative nature, resourcefulness, filled with adventure!”
And also Patti believes strongly in working with others to enhance a women’s life as if you change one mother’s life you can change the family’s future. Patti is very honored to have achieved her goals to be able to enhance another person’s life and share this life changing program. Please feel free to contact Patti with any questions about the MKMMA program. Patti would like to leave you with this quote about Courage: “Courage is the door that can only be opened from the inside.” Terry Neil She looks forward to visiting with you.